Hop along ….

Had the farrier to the neds today rather unexpectedly. I called him to find out when he was free and it turned out he was round the corner so he came straight away.

Had to walk up and down to the summer fields 3 times in total to bring in and turm out and when I was done my ankle was wrecked! But, nothing new there I spose. Haven’t been able to walk long distances for a long time now.

Thankfully, both the horses are very easy to manage on the ground, but, every now and then, one of them may get startled and jump and pull back and I get a twinge in my elbow. Its a little reminder that if one of them decided to bugger off I wouldn’t have the strength to hold them. It remains to be seen how I cope if one of them gets strong when I’m in the saddle. That situation hasn’t arisen, yet ….


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