Haven’t been here for a while!

Wow, its been so long since I logged in to my blog that I couldn’t remember the password!

I haven’t been here for a while but this blog and its reason for existence are never far from my thoughts. My job as a teacher has completely taken over my life (more on that later) which has made posting here nigh on impossible but I am slowly trying to claw a bit of my life back for myself and so I am hoping to begin again where I left off logging my adventures with horses and PsA.

The latest on my PsA is that I have been taken off of Methotrexate by my new Rheumy. It was helping but not getting rid of the PsA and pain and swelling were still an everyday occurence for me. I am currently awaiting the funding for biologics which I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand, I am happy as I feel these drugs will be the key to a pain free life for me. On the other I am worried about how much they will effect my working life – my rheumy warned me they are hardcore immuno-suppressants and so if I get a cold or any other virus I will be knocked out and taking constant time off for illness is not something that goes down well in the teaching profession.

While we wait for the funding, the rheumy is trying me on Leflunomide which so far is not all that, but its early days. At the moment the side-effects are outweighing the benefits. Things are going to have to improve dramatically for me to be willing to forego (sp?) the biologics in favour of this.

So what about my riding? Well, truth is, I haven’t done much. Mainly due to lack of time, but I’m hoping that will change as time goes on. The little bits I have done have confirmed to me that the PsA seriously effects my ability to ride as I would like. My left wrist has no strength so I cannot hold a whip in that hand, my legs have not even half the strength they used to. Getting my riding back to the standard it was before the PsA came is going to be a challenge and is maybe unachievable but I am going to try. I have a lot of long-term goals that I will eventually share here, but right now they are only in germination and they need a little more time to grow.

Happy to be back on the blog and hope I can continue to find the time to share my hopes and fears with the world!


2 thoughts on “Haven’t been here for a while!

  1. Any job can pull one into the world of the working class 🙂 I hope you find your magic bullet to get your psa under control. One other lady I have known for some time online also use to ride horses. She wound up driving a little cart behind her horses. She also takes care of the horses as well and just wanted to keep her bond with them up as much as prior to her illness. I know that riding in a cart isn’t nearly the same but let’s hope for you that the next med will do the trick. I did Enbrel for several years for my ra and it did ok for me.

    • Thanks for your comment 🙂 I don’t know why but I just don’t get excited about the thought of driving my horses although I have friends that do it who say it is addictive once you start.

      I still can’t imagine being that immobile that I couldn’t ride my horses. Perhaps I’m sticking my head in the sand on that score, but I do feel that I have moved on a lot from the days where I was convinced the PsA would render me incapable of doing anything in the end. But hey, if the day comes when all I can manage to do is drive the horses then I’ll take that! It will certainly be better than nothing at all.

      You say you did Enbrel for several years, what happened? Did it stop working for you?

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