It had to happen eventually …

… I fell off! Actually, I was bucked off! On to a very hard stony track, ouch! Its OK, no harm done, just a bit sore the next day. It was just one of those things – horses going nuts in the field next to us, a car coming down the track toward us, I was asking him to go forward and he didn’t want to, he couldn’t go back so he went – up! And I hit the deck šŸ˜¦

Its the first time I’ve fallen off Tom. So far it doesn’t seem to have harmed my trust in him although I am now a little more cautious about where I ride and how loopy my reins are! As I was flying through the air all I could think was, this is going to set off my arthritis big time! But actually, it hasn’t. So, there is a positive to be taken from this, my body is a lot tougher than I give it credit for.

Today is the first day of my 2 week Easert holidays from school. Heaven! I had planned lots of lovely riding time but have now discovered that the kids nursery is closed from Good Friday right the way through until I go back to school so, that rather scuppers my plans. Although the lighter evenings may mean I can get some riding in when Ade gets home from work.

But, the extra time at home will give meĀ the opportunityĀ to practice my baking skills in preparation for my latest idea which I will share here on my blog soon.


2 thoughts on “It had to happen eventually …

  1. Yes, although we think we loose our bounce I think we must toughen up I fell off recently and although I did have a bit of pain with it mostly my pride was hurt. I’m intrigued about your baking? look forward to reading more and take care.
    Alison x

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