Grrr. No horsey time.

Just a little post of frustration from me. Sometimes I think it won’t be the PsA that stops me getting back in the saddle but the bloody lack of a babysitter!


The drugs don’t work ….

Well stopped taking Sulfasalazine 3 days ago and already feel like a new woman.

I had only been taking it for 3 weeks and, initially, I stopped as I was having some nasty side effects. Every lymph node in my head and neck swelled. And the ones in my head (bet you never knew you had them there, did you? Me neither!) were so sore to touch that I couldn’t sleep at night as I couldn’t put my head on the pillow.

After doing a little research I found evidence of others who had had similar problems with Sulfasalazine and so I took myself off them and am almost back to normal now.

But, the other thing I have noticed is that I feel so much better within myself. The last couple of weeks I felt like I was disappearing into a black hole of despair. You know the kind where you want to divorce your husband and crawl under the duvet for the rest of your life? Well, since stopping the drugs that mood has completely lifted and I feel normal again. Thank Heaven for that.

I decided, to give my poor body a little respite I would not take my MTX this week either. I’m only 2 days late with it and my joints feel worse already. Psychsomatic (sp?) perhaps, but even so, it is a reminder of how bad I was before and how I never want to go back to that. So I will take it tomorrow like a good girl.